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It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Tiffin University’s online campus.  We are extremely proud of the quality of all of the degree programs, whether offered online or seated. You have our pledge that each and every student will have access to state-of-the-art technology, outstanding faculty members, and relevant curricula.  How do we make that happen? 

First, we have dedicated professional instructors.  Most have terminal degrees and professional experience in their disciplines.  So you are learning from someone who knows the book, but also has experience in applying the learning to real world experiences.  We also understand that you need assurances that professors will be there when you need them.   That’s why we ask each of our online Faculty members to specify, up front in their syllabus, when and how they will be available to you either asynchronously or synchronously.  

Second, we offer our courses on a state of the art learning platform in partnership with eCollege, a leader in online education.  The eCollege platform is known for its reliability, and TU is known for its personal involvement in making your online experience successful.  Whether it’s a log-in problem, financial information, or help in getting your computer set up, TU is there to help.  When you call our Help line number (1-866-664-6988), you will be connected to a live person dedicated to making your online learning experience the best we can offer.  

In addition to the convenience of asynchronous learning, we have the capability to put you in touch with Faculty members in real time through Class Live Pro, a synchronous learning tool that is embedded in all of our online courses.  Need tutoring help with a math, stats or English problem? Schedule a session with one of the tutors at "Smarthinking.”  While they won’t do your work for you, they can guide you through the toughest problems.  

Rest assured that we will do everything we can to make your educational experience with Tiffin the most rewarding undertaking of your life.  I look forward to having you as part of the Tiffin community.  See you at graduation.  

Paul Marion, PhD

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